Oh I've crashed it

bit of fun with some breakable 3 wheelers, based on reliant robins. hilarity ensues.

I lol’d.

For those of you who haven’t seen the new Top Gear episode:

i lold at everything in the vid for some reason

Or Mr. Bean

damn kyle, you suck at driving

Excuse me? Could you put me back on my wheels please? Thank you so much.

Thanks for showing me that HULU isn’t the only option for finding the shows I like.

lol im in teh vid.
And I lol’d.

You should release these, they look really fun just to mess around in.

Them high ping servers.

Also best collaboration build ever, those cars are fun as hell.

Kyle reminds me of that test drive an hour into the show lol

ping suuuuure

Awesome. Memories of Mr Bean… I need to watch that show again :v:

mr bean had a mini

Yes but he always ran the robin off the road or something similar.

Cbf media tagging

:eng101: It’s actually a Reliant Regal Supervan III.

How much wire was used in these cars?

only the car’s sound is e2. i was lazy with the rest, thrusters propel it and operate the steering master.

My god, I couldn’t stop laughing at this. Please, please please please release these.

That was fucking awesome.


I want these cars.