Oh look, another reactor core.

All the cool kids were doing it.


Those blue sparks move completely randomly.


I’m going to work on the actual center of the effect more. At the moment’s it’s a couple of env_lightglows, which doesn’t really achieve the effect I want.



Now with a video that refuses to work with media tags!

Looks pretty good so far.

That is sweet. I give you a cookie.

I just realised… I can name all of those models you used.
I spend too much time in Hammer.

I’d suggest adding some ‘external influence’ on your Core; maybe some lasers shooting into it to keep it contained, some sort of inflow-outflow, etc.

That’s what I’m working on at the moment. Would be nice to have a particle effect for it, but since Valve took out the editor…

Particle effects?

You don’t need scripted particles to make something look good.

Fiddle with func_smokevolume and sprites/heatwave.vmf.

I like this one better than most.

I love you.

These things just keep popping up all over the place…

What is the core effect?


The technique Valve used to make the Ep1 Core bend the light around it and give it a heatwave effect.

He meant why did you put .vmf after it. It is VTF or VMT. Or SPR for some sprites according to Hammer.



You all know what I mean.

Wow that looks awesome. Which model did you use? The test room model in HL 2?

How did you make those particles?
And do they cirulate the core?

A func_rotating with two func_rotatings parented to it, then two more func_rotatings parented to the two parented to the original, all rotating on random axes. There are env_spritetrails parented to the last four func_rotatings. I have a logic_timer and a logic_case set to make a random func_rotating change directions every two to six seconds.

The effect is really hypnotic. I’d take a video, but my shitty internet connection won’t even let me upload pictures, nevermind a video to Youtube.

Ahahaha! The breen arms! I used those in my very first map for this exact thing.


I used the same effect, except each ring is parented to the one inside it, and you can see the rings:

Holy batman chris! That’s awesome :dance:

that is pretty sweet, is that just a load of prop static and dynamics and some effects in the middle?

if it is, <3


and chris… wow