"OH MAN! I haven't had any of this in weeks! Can we get it Nick? Can we!?!?"

“For Christ’s sake Ellis, It’s an apocalypse, we can take whatever we want… I’ve never seen a more childish…


“Nothing, Ellis, just nothing…”

“So… we can?”


Original: http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/7678/bestbuymds0004.jpg

Not much editing.

Good ol’ fashioned Cola :3:

Be careful Ellis, this shit can blow trucks

I like the faceposing. :v:

I can imagine hordes of zombies outside of the mall and ellis and nick calmly shopping around. nice

I like it.

“I ain’t getting a Twinkie, you ain’t getting Cola!”


Lol, good job(sadly if I said nice, Zerax would stab me through the monitor).

But… But… It’s like your trademark.
Nice posing thar.

addiction to left 4 dead i see

it’s ok, i had one too when i first got the game

nice picture, good DoF, blah blah blah

You ever plan on releasing that Ellis skin?

It will override you old skin.


and the original files if you wanted to undo it.