"Oh, man, I just shot Marvin in the face!" (The Pulp Fiction car shooting)


I heard the one theme from Pulp Fiction and thought I might try a scene like this.This is my first blood edit, so I’m open to any suggestions.

I love their facial expressions.

The blood’s not very good looking and Jules looks like he’s laughing at Marvin’s blasted face.

Wasn’t Marvin black too? He’d have to be since the whole “Dead Nigger Storage” thing.

“Well you gotta have an opinion…”

I remember that part. Good times. But the posing is alittle rigid and the blood is…just plain not right.

also Travolta’s face used to have shitload of blood on it.

Am I the only one who noticed the shopped gun?

The gun’s from Larry’s Ultimate Weapon pack. It does look shopped, though, doesn’t it?

yeah,it does…
is it a P228?

In case anyone wants to use it, here’s an unedited version of the picture.


I fucking loled at the guy in the back.

Jules and Vince look too happy. Vince was more confused and surprised while Jules was raging. Blood is also too bright and should have some shine added on to add to the “slimyness” of the scene.

(One more thing, they were driving through the city, not the countryside)

I’ve fixed a few things with the pose, but I’ve left out the editing since I’m still new to it.


If only we still had gold stars

Ah, that’s looking better.

Marvin was black and Samuel L Jackson should keep both hands on the steering wheel! (what he did in the movie)

Map is blocky, try not to use maps like those if you can’t edit to hide it. If you’re able to, scene building makes for a good background. The car they’re in looks stationary.


Couldn’t resist

What are you kidding me? The only similarity is the rough fucking outline of the two, it’s a Fort 12.

team killer!!

Good job missing the joke you dolt