Oh my god fix this: Gmod Engine Error Could not load library client load up crash Mac: Ver 10.5.8

Hey can you guys fix this right now? i tried getting support right now but the last guy that tried to help me said that this bug would be patched by january and its passed jan so can i get a response on when this will finally be fixed or atleast a reply on how to fix this? and btw i am using a mac ver. 10.5.8 please respond because this has been bugging me ever since gmod 13 came out ok? thanks.P.S Also while you are reading this please tell garry.(UPDATE 2/20/13): I forgot to add that i am also using Mac os x ver 10.5.8

Try reinstalling gmod.
If that does not work then delete the Garry’s mod gcf and try installing it then.

Didn’t Work :frowning: any other ideas?