"Oh my god, run comrade!"


Original :


Sorry for a guy’s face posing.

Rate and comment please.

Fucking manhacks

Don’t worry they only do like 5 damage.

Did you use simple DOF?

Also, the faceposing is pretty bad - neither the gun wielding rebel or the guy getting manhacked are showing any sort of emotion, and the black guy looks hilarious.

And that’s some strange bloom.

Well, at least it made me laugh… That’s something.

Black guy’s got some sweet moves

Why is the black guy dancing? It seems like a pretty bad idea with Manhacks around.

Run and you shall also float.

It looks as though the person in the back is just kind of on their knees. She/He doesn’t really look hurt besides the blood (at least that’s what I think that is). Also the group isn’t showing much distress despite being chased by Manhacks.