"Oh my god what the hell is that?!" A man recording his strange attacker before death.

After looking at Hunterdnrc’s thread, I was inspired to do something with the Wrath model (Btw Kari, it is sexy as hell, I love it). So, I did a pose.


This also was a test to see if I could simulate a camera screen sorta. Did I do good? C&C please.

Super-human strength.

Damn he has a crazy blade.It’s a meh.

It’s the pyramid head sword from Silent Hill Homecoming, thought it’d fit him.

It’s good man, I like the idea but the blade doesn’t really fit in.

But, don’t listen to me man, I’m not a professional.

It does not at all. Pretty good, posing, lighting, camera angle are perfect.

If I didn’t wanna listen to you, I wouldn’tve put C&C :buddy:


blast, I should’ve saved it, then I could’ve redone it without the sword D:

Ah well.

It kind of reminds me of the Fatal Frame games.

I’d like it if it were darker, and a smaller light source.

becareful, your battery is runnin’ out

Thing I like the most about the picture is the shadow.
Woulda been better if he were dragging the Great Knife instead of handling it like a knife.
Also, doesn’t fit perfectly but I was listening to this when I looked at it.
(Not on youtube…)

Too much grain, even if it was to give a “video-camera” effect, and I would have zoomed more into the dude too.
The posing is pretty good tho, the sword would kinda fit more if he was holding it with two hands, one handed is too badass for me haha.


What is with those dark dots on his face?

Its alright. But he should be walking down a corridor or something, not just coming out of the wall ya’ know?

That’s the texture from his cloth, they show up when you go too far away.

It’s not only Kari’s work. It’s a conglomerate, with me starting the hack, running through lots of people, and end with Dean rigging.

Well that blows, cuz those dots on the face look really distracting, and the model is so cool.

Thank you all then, the model is amazing.


Yeah, I hate the dots. I wish there was someway to lose em.

Wow, awesome work. I could just see a fight scene emerging.

Think it is because of the size of the texture.

I thought the shadow was pretty freaky.