oh my gooood guys i haaaaaate darkrp

I made this thread just so us like-minded sophisticated individuals can all circlejerk I mean talk with each other about how much we HAAAAAAATE darkrp

oh my gooooood i HATE darkrp. what a bad gamemode. UGH.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread/dark rp sucks" - postal))

darkrp isnt bad

the players are

yeah because garry’s mod 12 year old playerbase is centered around DarkRP exclusively

oh wait

It’s not developers’ problem.
People know, that Minecraft isn’t bad game, but silly children slandered it.

ironically making a shit thread is still making a shit thread

Who doesn’t hate DarkRP nowadays?

You are not making darkrp looking better by going here and shitposting about it.