Oh no! There goes gm_bigcity! Go go Godzilla!

Did I mention that the image is Big McLargehuge big? Eh, I think you’ll adapt.

I’m no idiot, I know this isn’t perfect, so C&C to your heart’s content. Maybe tomorrow after I get some goddamn sleep I’ll take any of the ensuing critiques I think are particularly notable and fix shit. I still have the original everything.

That firebreath needs work

I do kind of wish that Godzilla would enter the world of G-Mod and destroy that God-awful map just so that people can no longer upload pictures of it once and for all.

As for the picture itself, there are lots of glaring flaws but the audaciousness and scale of it makes it more bearable to look at somehow.

The explosions are…meh.

I wish there were more interesting city maps that can actually handle huge models like Godzilla. gm_bigcity is a bitch to find interesting places with which to pose a huge and unwieldy model like him, because every place in that map looks the same. I tried my best, though, going for the classic “godzilla walking behind some buildings while explosions inexplicably happen with every footstep” shot you see in some of his movies.

You get a winner for a Blue Oyster Cult reference.
The smoke has a nasty gap at the top of a building that you can see through.

The good ol’ king of the monsters looks freaking high of his ass.

There is a red stick in his mouth.
Is it ok?

the rockets are used with a gmod rocket tool could use alittle photoshop instead (not saying that i could do it my self lol)

The composition could use some work, that’s an extremely bad crop of the helicopter in the top right foreground. On top of that Godzilla looks like he’s shooting into the helicopter in the foreground also. Perhaps you could of picked a more interesting camera angle. The more things that touch flying objects make them look more grounded than nothing surrounding them. For example the blue sky against a flying object leaves the helicopter less locked into being “weighted down.”