Oh shit! Hide!

I must have left the TV on…


looks amazing, great job

really nice scene man.

Is that JC Denton?

Very nice … so full of spice.

Aww yea.

Fucking radical. I don’t suppose you saved the scene or have the map?

It’s prop placement on rp_evocity or whatever that map is called.

“Quick, Andy’s coming! Places everyone!” Totally reminds me of toy story, haha.

Great job, posing looks very solid

Nice attention to detail man

I admit it took me a while to actually notice Ryu Hayabusa and Max Payne peeking from above the door. Great shot, very well done!

Where did you get the minifigs from?

Yeah, took me a while to notice them too.

**Edit: **Ack! Boba Fett as the lamp. I’m cracking up.

you make the best stuff

i don’t see what the big fuss with this one is about, really. pretty nice overall of course but not really on par with your other stuff

the desaturated bloom doesn’t really work here and god do i hate that shade of blue

Heaven forbid people like a picture that makes them laugh.

Came here, saw the picture, had a giggle, gave it a winner tag.

You are my favourite poser, hands down.

i dunno most of the comments here seem to be praising the visuals???

Shit man , boba fett as the lampost ? Thats actually kind of brilliant

I just noticed,
where’d you get the lego men?