"oh shit"

…You serious?

The thread title is commenting on the music and the video overall.

Lol kaboom

Kids + Gmod + fraps = this

Do not do those kind of video again… EVER.

  • Generic metal overused song

hmmm… Intresting…

That was terrible. If you had done it in Source Recorder then your lack of talent wouldn’t have shown so blatantly because at least it would have looked fucking awesome, but you didn’t even do that.

Music= win

Video= fail. So much fail…

That song is fucking over used in almost every crap youtube videos made in windows movie maker almost as much as the song from SAW.

Anyway, you could have made this video really cool looking if you really wanted to with different shots and camera movements. Garrys mod is a very powerful machinima tool, the best out of anything, but 90% of videos are as good or worse then this video. Id rather have 2,000 well made videos then 100,000 shitty ones.

wow that was awesome 5/5 lololol

OP, don’t quit your day job.

Please, spare me.