oh, shit...


The image feels too busy, it’s a little hard to distinguish what’s exactly happening, but it’s definitely good looking.

It’s quite a mess

Also those orange edges on the soldiers look bad.

Sorry for being so negative

like PandaC said the rimlighting looks bad. tone it down, maybe it’ll look better when it’s not so intense

the posing on the 'formers is p good

It’s robots fighting each other. What else do you need to know?

All it needs is Shia LaBeouf spazzing out in the background.

Edit: How do you do your spark editing?

I can picture Shia LaBeouf saying No no no no!

This - incase you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Pretty fucking awesome image man!

You should take notice of some of the comments mentioned on the rimlights and the overall overload of effects kinda obscuring the entire picture making it kinda hard for your eyes to naturally lock on to something. You kinda have to study the picture to see it all.

Still tho, I really like the style of this pic and it’s really interesting. Keep up the good work man!

just like the movie!