"OH YA, MY GRANDPA WASN'T A GAY MECHANIC, HE WAS IN NAM" Two kids Argue about their elders




I’m trying to figure out the relevance between the title and the picture to be honest.

Not only he has a missing leg, but they also re-attached his left arm on his torso!

It all old guys :slight_smile:


Is your grandpa perfect!
(fuck I missed that)

The blades of grass that are RIGHT in front of the camera are ruining the picture.

Very awkward posing but not bad.

Looks cool! But you also used the same 2 ragdolls in the picture.(the white people are the same x3 Like they have twins :P)

what the fuuuck?

why isn’t he on a stretcher?

why isn’t he in unbearable pain?

why are they all so old?

Cause, their grandpas were in nam, its not a stretcher its a wheel chair D:.


why isn’t he on a stretcher?

A wheelchair wouldn’t do well in a muddy tropical area.

Also, grandpas weren’t always old. They got like that after the fought in 'Nam

Yeah the whole point, is his grandfather was in Nam, and then its his present day grandfather in nam.

Why’s he still in 'Nam?

oh god no

no no no no

oh god he

he’s dead

my grandpa had a boner back in 'nam

so he is his own grandfather in the past and in nam in the present day but in the past and he is talking to his friend but its really just him and he is in nam and not a gay mechanic.

this picture, and the idea behind it (i think? my brain doesn’t process this kind of low-brow attempt at humour so well) really rubs me up the wrong way.

just what the fuck is supposed to be the joke? taking the piss out of vets or something?

I expected quality

ALL-RIGHT! So his grandfather wasn’t a ‘‘happy’’ mechanic (If you guys know what gay originally ment) but, instead he served in Vietnam.