"Oi, Suzy!" - Ghillie sniper is about to kill his enemy


what the

I like it, but some of the shadows are to black. Still awesome.

It’s okay but the shadows are rather heavy.

The posing looks pretty good.

Here we go again. Snipers don’t sneak up on their enemy. That is NOT what snipers do.

Nice posing anyway.

Pistol AND a knife? Overkill.
The night scene ruins the entire idea, the lighting you used makes it look like they’re in New York.

Scottish people and their ghillie suits.

misha, CQB.

Oh boy more MW poses.

Worked for Macmillian.

The person who rated me dumb hasn’t played COD4.


rated you dumb for calling someone out for rating you dumb
(funnies plox)

I rated you dumb because your post was dumb. I have played CoD4.

Nice posing.