Priceless facepose…could it possibly be porn hes watching? :ninja:

Probably an experimental Japanese hypnosis cartoon.

Very good faceposing!

Faceposing is superb.

While the comic made no sense what so ever, the facepose was lolish

By any chance, did you steal that line from Yahtzee?


What line? “Oi” or “gruigubebele”?

What? Where?

The only problem I have with your comics is there is no plot.

Sometimes the greatest things made have no plot.


Maybe he’s watching 2 girls 1 cup.

why are the panels differently sized? :o

Cool comic, and as stated, awesome faceposing

This! The comic would have been 10 times more awesome.

What’s he looking at?

I laughed. I cried.