Oify map

I know this has probably been asked a ton of times before… But would anyone be willing to setup another Oify map project? Like the first on http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=88069 i would certainly contribute if such a project was created. Then we could each contribute with some crazy stuff…

Are you fucking kidding me

I am kind of guessing that i am going to get alot of negative response on this.

this map is fucking hilarious

in a parallel universe

Use the requests section next time

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Needs more pagestretch

Dudemanbro (chill_dude), we don’t speak of this OIFY.

What’s OIFY?

It used to be a chill part of the forum…

We don’t go there anymore.

The hottest place on the web.

like a porno website ?

You could say that.

Whats a porno :eek:

[sp]No mum/mom jokes! :frowning: [/sp]

oify is a [del]secret[/del] shitty place if you know the meaning of “5 and gd” you will get there.

Thank goodness I’m not internet-savvy.

I love the reference. I really hope other people got this.

fifty six is all I’m gonna say