Oil, Electricity & vehicles

if there ever will be vehicles in Rust I would love to see that you have to get your own Oil from the ground. So you have to deposit it in a tank or something and other players can steal it so you have to secure it ^^ Stealing oil from the neighbors! People say that it is a kinda minecraft thing or something but it will just be something where you got to work hard for and work hard to keep it that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Electricity would be fun to generate your own electricity and a bit the same as the oil. So you can use it to charge battery’s or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Just some things I would like to see so people stay a bit busy, please leave your opinion I would like to see what others think about it :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea to be honest. but it would have to be really really late game. :slight_smile:

Offcourse but that is the funny part :stuck_out_tongue: That nakeds can steal some oil and shit and or steal your jeep or something xD it is just like losing your bolt action on a just started server in the legacy :wink:

And then we can add planes and helicopters and make it just like GTA!

Plz no.

Garry has already alluded to the fact there may be some high tech items in the game when the time is right. [Thumb Scanner for door] I would assume this of course is very high tier tech so why would is it so hard to fathom some type of transportation to help get across the huge map?

I would be ok with cars, but not in a manufactured sense. These things are made by people stuck in the wilderness making everything from scratch. In my opinion the closest thing to a car should be some type of dune buggy with a fully crafted motor. Having a standard car with a modern body type and acceleration would be so out of place and silly looking in a world full of wooden shacks with people fighting with bow and arrows. Players should NEVER be given a flying vehicle, and if it is added I would definitely play on a server that doesnt have it.

The thumb scanner idea really peeves me too because they’re considering digital based technology in a world that 99% of the populace shouldn’t even have electricity for. I’m all for high tech stuff, but it should be within the games setting and reason, and be very, VERY difficult to reach.

personally steers a bit beyond my visions of rust, but i understand garry seems to be thinking in terms of end-game extension, ie higher tiers than we currently have. as thor-axe said though, i don’t think they should be anything like commercial cars, or they will contradict the environment, but i’d be happy enough to have them end tier.

oh and using low grade fuel, as is or refined into high grade fuel, also makes sense, representing biodiesel.

With the web based item editor (already used) and steam workshop intergration (a good possibility) server Admins will be able to choose what level of tech they have on their server, aslo I see a lot of community items/mods for the future of this game.

Apart from the map system which I find astounding, this is something I was wishing for, just think of the vast variations of servers and gameplay that can be achieved with this system, servers with unique items.


That means more Missions on a server run
In the Current Rust you get everything achieveable in 2 - 3 days

All Weapons , Metalhouse , Kevlar and the game is done

Sadly enough… Yes :frowning:

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I can agree with that :slight_smile: just a buggy would be great xD

I keep picture kinda road warriors like thing for vehicles in this game. I agree that any vehicles should be design in such a way that they match the scrappy, thrown together feel of other things. I like the idea of some not necessarily so realistic flying things. Like maybe a toned down version of this contraption.

Either lower durability machines or more vulnerability for the drivers/pilot. Low durability to maintain the need for upkeep.

Just pulling images off google now but this might make for decent land transport, or something like it:

Balancing the rarity and upkeep for these things would be essential and difficult to pull off.


I like the idea of being able to have a mobile base, like a make shift RV that you move when you can and lock your supplies up inside. But unless the balance is done right and these things and both rare and expensive I’d just rather not see them in game at all.

^Love this idea Redeamed.


I’d like to see some kinda way of getting around. But it cant be too manufactured and would definitely have to look like it was made in Rust. And if there were oil, we better be able to siphon the fuel of our enemies. As well as steal the keys as we can do with doors.

love it. and very much the style i would imagine IF they were introduced. cobbled together from bits and pieces, big metal plates and old scavenged wheels;)

Currently I agree with Thor-axe. When comparing the original version and experimental, the environment has changed from being a post-apocalyptic wasteland to pure wilderness. It would be nonsense to add some random cars to a place like a vast desert.

I don’t know whether post-apocalyptic things such as radioactive animals etc. are going to be added at some stage of development, but if they will exist in future, should there definitely be also some machines, like rusty cars and bicycles (and why not modern equipment, like chainsaw), from times before the massive nuclear accident, or whatever it was what changed the world of Rust. These elements could then be refined for use with different materials and parts.

But if you ask me, it would be cool if oil was something like rocks but spawning to some fixed places and flooding parts of the terrain. One could carry it home with bucket or sometin. And make a fire trap at the front door >:)

I just think that there should be cars and helicopters, but they can’t be manufactured. There should be only a few cars, say 5? And only two helicopters per server. The spawn points shouldn’t be set if this is possible, so you have to find the heli, find fuel and parts to fix it and then you can use it. So sorta like dayz but more rare, also you should be able to transport 8 people in the heli, and be able to store some equipment. Also for some servers there should be an option to adjust the spawn rate from 0 to ten (or more) cars and helicopters per server, so if you wanna have a server that is set up like Cowadootie for PVP and then you can have awesome clan wars

I used to play old skool SWG back in the day. There we had to collect resources to build a extractor, then survey the land to find the highest concentration of resources we needed, then plant an extractor as close as possible to harvest those resources so we could go build neat stuff.

Why jump straight to combustion engines? What about steam engines. There have been bikes, cars and trains that have run on steam. Wood could be used to fuel them. Im not suggesting trains btw…

Take a look at the generator concept. The possibilities are endless.