Ok, Gary, when are you going to fix the saves?

I don’t use GMOD for multiplayer, I use it for single. I’ve patiently waited for Gary to fix the saves and it appears it’s not happening. I just lost a weeks worth of building stuff for no reason. The saves just won’t load all of a sudden. Not to mention you still can’t remove any objects on any map without them respawning every time you load and in many cases the objects and NPC’s are being duplicated many times over. Can’t resize objects without them returning to their normal size when reloading.

So, Gary, would you fix the save games if I send you another $20???


I couldn’t care less how he spells it.

He couldn’t care less about your saves.

You should probably be nicer and less dickish when asking questions; people tend to help out more when you do.

The more you know~


Oh please. you could ask people here hows the weather and they’ll behave like an asshole. Every response I get is someone behaving like a dick. Can’t recall anyone ever responding with any kind of class or dignity. Which is why I wasn’t actually talking to any of you.

The more YOU know~

i heard there is a magical place called refugee camp where garry answers your questions. btw we only hunt down your posts to rate dumb just thought u might need 2 know

My $.02 in regards to your resizing issue, with a prop resizer I guess. Garry didn’t make it, therefor it’s not his problem to fix, it’s the tool developers problem to fix.