ok heres my idea.

they should have some bionicle ragdolls

wouldent that be cool?

or masks.this would be really cool anybody who would do this will get my thanks.

no trollin.

there is a bionicle game.idk know if it can be rigged or what you guys to to make stuff from other games.

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I can troll if I want to. You can’t do shit to stop me.

Ugh I wake from my cave to find this? Now I’m just depressed cuz first lol and omg become official english words and now people want old retarded children’s toys in gmod, which is rate M for mature which mean 17+ and if you’re 17+ and playing with those things, you need to grow some balls and stop failing at the over 9000 shit shark. By the way greg, how ya been?

So you’re a troll hey so you troll everyone do you?
You did it to me just leave people alone let them have there own things.
And By the way GMgregster you’re one selfish low life if you’re a Troll.
People have the right to request what ever they want.


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I’ve been very well actually, how about yourself?

To say that people have the right to request what they want and yet say that we do not have the right to disagree with them, make fun of it, or troll makes you a hypocrite buddy. Basicly saying “He can talk, you can’t” which also counteracts your saying people have the right to request what they want because I request we be allowed to troll and you have no right to decide what we can and can’t say.

And @ greg, I’m doing pretty good. Just been working on some gamemodes and telling twelve year olds their requests for children’s toys on garrysmod is retarded.