Ok ! i am taking this up once again!

Hey i get this error

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘UpdateAnimation’ Failed: base\gamemode\animations.lua:110: attempt to index local ‘velocity’ (a nil value)

Anyone know how to fix?

This seems like a problem for everyone!!..

It’s in gmod parkour

I don’t have this problem, neither does anyone I know who plays Gmod. Nice try though.

What gamemode did you run, what did you do, and if you coded it, did you redefine GM:UpdateAnimation anywhere?

It’s in Gmod parkour sry xd

Stop posting like that. People are going to hate you just for that, now if you don’t mind being repeatedly flamed, it’s your own business.

The gamemode is probably outdated, find a way to contact the author. If he didn’t fix the animations, the gamemode has been probably dead for a long time though, deal with it or find someone who can fix it.

The animations in GMod Parkour are broken. I could probably fix them for you if you want me to.

I want you to :smiley: