Ok I bought Gmod. Where do I install mods?

There’s no text documents or anything with gmod that explains this. Can anyone help? There’s model folders and material folders and addon folders. Spawn lists that don’t seem to do anything. It’s all so confusing.

You mostly put stuff in your addons folder unless the downloaded mod you have says otherwise.

Ahh I see. I guess this would be a good otherwise example.

What would I do here?

Press the download button, extract the contents into C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<steam username>\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons

Hmm. Still no extra npcs. Maybe TF2 being my only source game wasn’t enough.

there are no NPC’s from bought games, except from half life series, so no TF2 NPCS, there are some addons for it though, If there was npcs in tf2 then you could use them.

I only own TF2 and Gmod, however i can spawn combines and antlions and everything. I figured with this I could spawn things not normally on the list like striders, but I guess not.

Yes, Combines and everything on you’re list is either addon or from the source engine itself. get Extra npc’s :slight_smile:


it’s an addon by the way.

Alright thanks guys. I did Gmod 9 a few years back and this addon thing is very helpful :3

Oh and the extra NPCS are broken. Really old DL

Yeah, that NPC pack was for gmod 9.

Heres one that works.

And the Stalker model fix (the default model has fucked up legs)

Oh awesome! i love both of you.

Do you guys have a secret in knowing if something is going to work by just throwing it in the addon folder? Like half the stuff im downloading isn’t working, and I have no way of knowing before-hand.

What items aren’t working? Can you point us to some of them off of gmod.org?

the stalker fix fixes the model, but the sound files never happen.

master chief npc and sweps. nothing shows up in the spawn menu.

old uploads not meant for addons?

Some addons might not work if they’re outdated. Every now and then an update to gmod is sent out through steam and sometimes cancels out certain addons due to code conflict. I’m not sure about the Master Chief addon, but have you extracted the stalker fix to your garrysmod folder? It sounds like that one doesn’t go under addons.

Yeah I gave that a shot. There’s no folder in \garrysmod\garrysmod called sound before hand, so it has no way to access it I suppose. I’ll give it trial and error I guess. Thanks for helping.

Garry’s Mod has a lot of trial and error involved with stuff like that
you’ll eventually get the hang of it

It doesn’t exist by default, but you can make one. I have added a sound folder and a scenes folder for transferring my faceposer work into gmod.

Good luck!