Ok I Need Help From A Modeler To Make My Ragdolls

I Want A Ragdoll Of My Mortal Kombat Character Aceite Theres 2 Humans And One Cybernetic Aceite

This Is Cybernetic Aceite

This Is Human Aceite Outfit 1
This Is Human Aceite Outfit 2

and your going to pay for the model made?

Are You An idiot Of Corse Not Its A Request Not A Comission There Completly Diffrent

The difficulty inherent in making models like this from scratch merits payment, unless you can find someone who’ll really do something entirely for you. You’ll find that extremely difficult in this forum, especially if you keep insulting everyone who questions what you request.
I’d suggest asking elsewhere.

Dumbass Where?

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming again" - postal))


I got banned for this. I apologize.

ooh wait wern’t you the guy who got banned for insulting everyone trying to help you in the last thread you made about this MK model? like said above not that many people are ganna model something like that for free, just a heads up but please feel free to throw anymore insults at me.

You’re a stubborn bastard, aren’t you? Tends to be when you get banned for doing something you don’t do it again unless you want to get banned.

Anywhere but here. People like you are not welcomed by modelers and skinners. If you really want someone to do something for you, I’d strongly suggest pulling your head out of your ass and learning some manners.
Oh, and by the way: people at just about any other forum on the internet will reply to you the same way we have, but likely with less courtesy than we have afforded you.

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I find it hard to believe a 10 year old tough guy insulting people could do much of anything to someone physically, your threats are cute though.

My god this kid is a fucking moron.

Did you even tried to DIY? To read tutorials how to ragdolling and modelling, to use programs for model-making, huh? Or, finally, hex Mortal Kombat ragdolls and draw Your textures? I think hexing is not a difficult thing.

Door is that way.

This is probably just a really bad troll. Report and move on.

I don’t think he is, I think if he was a troll he would make more topics other than models/requests.

He has to be a troll. What other kind of moron posts things like

A kid.

Your name fits, to what you describe others to be.

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What do you expect from spoil up kids?