Ok...i'm looking/PAYING for someone to rip the nekopara live models..any takers?


yes i do

ok…so theres a game on steam (free to play and download) thats VR (but runs without it) called “nekopara live”

i would like the models to be ripped so i can have them coverted/made into gmod/sfm models

models i’d like are Maple-Azuki-Cinnamon

if someone can rip the models and post links to download them i will happily pay you for your work (fee to be agreed)

ALRIGHT come one lay the hate on me for asking politely for a request and offering to pay someone for their work…

EDIT: i did some looking and only the model “azuki” is in the game…so could someone rip THAT model?

I have a hard time believing that you would actually pay someone for those models.

OP didn’t ask for approval. On the internet, you rarely have to.

I very seriously hope you’re being facetious right now.

I do not think so, this is pretty much an internet fact.
To be honest If the OP just rips the models himself and keeps them only for personal use, I do not see a problem there.

Well let us go down the list then:

First. That is hardly fact. I myself have personally brought the hammer down a handful of occasion. There is plenty of leeway with porting yes; but you’re forgetting something awfully important.
They’re actively watching for it.

And that’s not even mentioning the whole ‘post links to download them’ and ‘paying’ thing. Doesn’t look like personal use to me.

Second. I’m fairly sure the op is entirely incapable if ripping them himself.
Not because of technical reasons mind you. Although I’m sure that would pose trouble for them as well. In a moment of brilliance they asked for content that does not exist.

Third. Given how massively incomplete the content within the demo is (hence ‘does not exist’) I would very much prefer someone did not piss them off.
Wouldn’t want them going through lengths to prevent extraction on the full version after all.

I’m not saying don’t believe that to be a killjoy. I’m saying it because that’s deliberate.
It’s way easier to fuck someone over when they are ignorant of how this stuff works.

If you want a prime example of fucking with people simply because they’re unaware of how it works: just take a peek at Dwarden’s post in the Arma 3 porting thread.
That’s what he was doing if you didn’t catch on.

It is an internet fact, a sad fact that 90% of people on the internet do not give 2 squirts of piss about other people’s opinions. Even when you are as polite as possible, some people will still ignore and do whatever they want.
If the OP wants them for personal use, that’s fine. But if he does want to distribute like he seems to, he has to be prepared for the consequences.

Of course I am, I’ve been living with my head in the sand ever since I started modding.

Ah, the Ostrich method.

thank you for the sensible and polite response

YES i want them for personal use

i only offer payment and links cos those are pretty much the only way to gt something aside from waiting and hoping

so to clarify everyone i want the models for personal use/images and i am not going to distribute them

for that matter i don’t know WHO want’s them aside from me