OK issue number two (FastDL)

ok if you all followed my last thread to get fastDL bloody working for the last four days ya know how crap it can be.

I think I have it working.but still have some issues

bsically the only mod I have on server at the moment is


I have placed the models,materials folder in the fastdl webhost
placed sprops in the addons folder of the server
created a lua file (might be the issue I am having tbh)

now when i start server i eventually get this error over and over again for different items in the sprops addons folder

Warning: Table downloadables is full etc etc

now if i ognore it any way and join using my client to the server I can see some of the sprop models.
but at the same time a huge amount of them are also completly invisable even though I can select them and use them but just unable to even see any thing.

I think its hit the lua limit but really one bloody mod are you joking?
I spent 3days getting this damn fastdl to work to now find out the engine is capped.

this realy is frustrating seeing as gmod is well built around comunity mods and addons why cap it?.
please please can this be fixed with out the steam workshop I want to use fastdl etc.


thanks for all your help if I understand you to had this issue? and gave up and went to steam workshop.
as I said to you lol I have gave up like 8 times over the last 4 days…4 bloody days WTF :O.

I am determined to get this to work I have come a long way I finally see some of the sprops models ingame etc but as also said a lot of em are invisable which i assume is to do with the lua limit rubbish but with just one mod installed this is terrible seeing as gmod would be nothing without the comunity addons so why cap this?.

Any way please please help I am pulling my damn hair out over this :(.

Can you post your FastDL script in

 tags? Also, check if the error occurs without any FastDL script enabled.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
was not sure how to do tags LOL

but the fastdl code is here :slight_smile:

thanks so much in advance

So you are not only adding 3000 models, but each model component. Most have at least four components, which means you are sending roughly 12,000 files to the client; probably closer to 18,000 if I’m remembering SProps right. That’s too many.

Oh lol doh

So only way is via workshop really.

Thanks for looking into this for me.

Suppose I could just create a folder with all my mods in it and just get peeps to download it and install that way.

yes yes workshop but some mods ain’t on the workshop plus I have more control as to when I update them etc etc etc.

And tbh its only me my son and about 2 more people joining my server :).

Well I feel stupid thanks to every one that helped you are all awesome

Only use FastDL ( resource.AddFile ) for addons that are not on workshop. With workshop addons like SProps, you must use resource.AddWorkshop instead.

Ok thanks but lets just say sprops was not on steam workshop what then?

Thanks again for the help

Reupload it WITH author permission or ask people to download a folder.

Yeah tbh I think I’ve been over compliting tthings lol.

Well what I’m going to do is download all the mods I want to use zip them up and just get people to download the zip file.

Any way just one more time

Thank you so much for every ones help really appriciate it :slight_smile: