Ok so How do I make ragdolls and/or props?

So Just wondering can anyone please help me with a good tutorial on how to make ragdolls/props.

I have
Sketchup 7 pro
Gimp 2.6 (I already have the skins, “Borrowed” them from a game that I’m making :P)
But How do I make the *.mdl files?

Get a “serious” modeling tool, then come again.

I fixed the problem and thanks for the “help”, asshole.

You fixed a problem you never told us about and are now complaining because I didnt help you with it. :downs:

He’s right, Sketchup is a shit modelling tool for source, get the 3DS Max trial and learn how to use a REAL modelling program.

Hate to be another guy saying the same thing, but seriously if you have an interest in games design it’s time to put down the crayon and pick up the paintbrush

edit for some actual useful info:

I personally use 3DS, but i’m sure you can use GMAX (which is to 3ds as gimp is to photoshop) BUT I really would advise using 3ds and photoshop. (although if you are already a master of gimp dont bother learning ps.)

nem’s tools (google them) will be EXTREMELY useful, and should help every step of the way.

Well To clarify, The problem was me not knowing how to
And I really don’t feel like paying 3000$ for 3DS and what the hell Photoshop costs… I found the plugins for sketchup…so I can do that…

Try Blender, you can get some props into Gmod at least. I’m not sure about ragdolls though. I still have my copy of 3d max 8 from college that works fine, so I haven’t used blender.