ok so i have a error and i dont know how to fix it

[lua\includes\modules\duplicator.lua:71] Model missing: models/beer/wiremod/gate_e2.mdl
ERROR!: Can’t create physics object for models/beer/wiremod/gate_e2.mdl
Attempted to create unknown entity type gmod_wire_emarker!
AdvDupeError: Unknown class “gmod_wire_emarker”, making hallow prop instead for ent: 133
AdvDupeERROR:Could not make constraint type: Weld

idk what happen i was trying to use the i walk for buildin and that's what pops up on my screen anyone one know how to fix that 

so um i was thinking it could be that i haven’t updated my phx3 yet or then idk that it could be

PHX ships with GMod, so you don’t really need to update that.
Do you have the SVN version of Wiremod? If so, try to update the folder “wire model pack 1”.