"Ok... Take it easy, John..."

“You can do this…” Soldier getting ready for a hunter and a Combine moving through the maintenance level of a starport


…He’s fucked.

No shit? :v: What do you think of the posing?

Posing is pretty badass.

DOF on the combine looks a little strange, though.

i like it nice pic nice poseing and yea only way hes gonna win is with some granades or something explosive.

@Übergamer: I kinda agree. And don’t complain about me not using Super DoF. It does not work for me :c
@Cabose: I wish :v:

Is that DE_Star?

Yepp :3

He dies in 2 seconds for not positioning himself correctly.

should have just used his bare hands


Shouldn’t the titles of the thread be descriptive instead of quotes that you can’t even see?

John Genericson.

Not too bad a pose, the hunter looks a tad inebriated though.