Ok tired of this help!!!

0.ive made another thread that i lost and no 1 haz replied 2

1.my problem:
on most rp servers (perp etc…) my game downloads the stuff then crashes ive tried not downloading stuff but then it just crashes at retriving server info.NOW ive got some freinds with the same problem and it cant be my gmod or pc because it lets me join some other servers (chris’s dark rp etc…) the problem is only rp i can do sandbox and build servers and all that its just rp woch happens to be my favourite thimg in gmod…
2.my ram cannot be the problem as i hav 6gb of it
3. HELP!!!

{ok dont even mention posting on ther forums as some server forums (perp) only allow u to register in the game}

If you have a lot of addons, the ones you get from the server could push your GMod over the edge and crash it.

What Carlisle said, but improve you grammar and spelling. It’s an eyesore.

Delete all your addons. Get Wiremod and PHX 3 and Smartsnap.
Use this tutorial to get Wiremod and PHX 3 (And others) http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

clean up your addons. stargate really messes things up, and in most cases that appears to be the problem. get rid of it and any other unwanted addons there. one time, my weapons menu was messed up, and stargate was there. it got downloaded from a server, and I never knew about it. so I’d try that.