Ok WTF is wrong with my Gmod skins for my Phys Gun??

Ok so i probley Fracked up alot but i did delete everything in the file in gmod labeled “v_physics_gun” and that was probley iditic and it was alll cause i was trying to get a new skin in! Now it will not even let me change most skins it is all just a cheackerd phys gun with the beam coming out any suggestions mainly on that and mabey fixing the “v_physics_gun” file problem? (lol and mabey how to change phys gun skin its really pi$$$%ng me off :wink: >)

Holy fuck, I can’t understand a thing you say.

The Point is i deleted my files from the File in the Gmod folder called v_physics_gun and i cant get it to change the Physics gun skin anymore and i need help in what i need to do or did wrong… and how to change phys gun skins without Jacking up my damn game

Make sure you’ve deleted both the models and the materials.

Wrong Section (I think) and COPY ALL the files you want then reinstal Gmod.

Well if i reinstall gmod wontthat mean i have to rebuy it? (and if it doesent mean that how do i do it?)

Just delete the second Garry’s Mod folder. It should be ‘reinstalled’.

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Name here\garrysmod[garrysmod]

Well i did In both the v_physics_gun and the V_Physcannon but nothing happened? iys still the same problem see look


So Just go there and delete it? and it wont F@$k up? You sure?? lol

Make sure it’s the SECOND one, if you do the first one then yeah its bound to fuck up. :v:

All right im gunna do it so ill inform you people be bak in about 30 secs


Ok so i deleted it now what? What happens next? im confused lol

sorry For Doble posting (Meh i did to much alreasy) but nvm i fugured it out lol i thoght i would never be this happy to see the old simple stuff back (only crappy thing is now to get everthing back i downlaoded lol)

Start up Garry’s Mod. it should be new?

If not then your screwed lol.

I helped my friend with a problem like this but deleted the WHOLE gmod and it works like a charm

The entire thing? You mean both Garry Mod folders? Jesus, that would take me hours to delete if I still had the 60000 addons I had. xD

ye i only Deleted the 2nd folder and it worked so HALLELUIA!! lol Thxs so mach mate

Haha, no problem man. Any time. :buddy:

but the addons folder is IN the second gmod foler =\

Yes I know.

so your saying just delete the /second\ gmod folder and it will just make a new folder youre saying when it reinstals

is there a way to make a physgun skin change on a dedicated server? I mean where players have the skin applied automatically or is it just client side?

I doubt people will actually want that.