Ok, WTF?!

Rust is indeed an incredible looking game that I’m sure many people would love a chance at experiencing, but REALLY?! All of these junk threads of horse pics, begging, and childish behavior (i.e streaming until / staring at wall until) are not going to get anybody anywhere and is honestly just a display of an inner nuisance within each one of these posters. This is a forum, not a mall where children sit on santa’s lap asking for presents… (Although perhaps some of these posters still think santa exists…)

There’s this entity squished in with existence called time and we’re all in it together… We can wait. That is all.

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/undescriptive thread title/you're not helping" - postal))

This is the internet where you are 99% if not 100% anonymous, why do you expect civil behavior and non little kid posts.

Just troll them like I do :slight_smile:

You’ve got an excellent point there, but when it comes down to it there is no real excuse for this sort of thing…

You were the one who told them to post horse pics weren’t you?

Santa exists, I’ve seen him.
I win.


Finally somebody of June-July 13’s that understand that whole this is a fucking mess of children.