Okay, Can anyone add a working shared.lua with jobs for darkrp

Okay, i tried adding custom jobs for long time now (here is my file: http://peecee.dk/upload/download/232904)

But i always fails, so now im asking if anyone will either look at my file and find the bugs.
Or either upload a shared.lua with custom jobs. i know there are shared.lua files on garrysmod.org but its all just crappy job. so now im asking if anyone would help me with my problem.

Thanks on advance.

Did you check if your shared.lua actually exists?

Yes, it does, i just have so many problems with it.

Jesus won’t help you with this…

Update your cache.

I have the same problem and so does many of others.

[lua]TEAM_THIEF = AddExtraTeam(“Thief”, Color(153,153,51,255), “models/player/group01/Male_02.mdl”, [[You are the crook of the town , you can be hired or just steal for fun you choose.]], {“weapon_lockpick”, “weapon_keypad_cracker”}, “thief”, 4, 50, 0, true)
TEAM_GUARD = AddExtraTeam(“Bodyguard”, Color(0,0,51,255), “models/player/barney.mdl”, [[You are hired to protect and serve]], {“weapon_glock2”}, “GUARD”, 3, 60, 0, false)
TEAM_HIT = AddExtraTeam(“Hitman”, Color(153,153,153,255), “models/players/group02/male_01.mdl”, [[You kill unwanted people for a price, YOU MUST ONLY kill if you got payed for it!]], {“weapon_deagle2”}, “hitman”, 3, 40, 0, true)
TEAM_PRIVATE = AddExtraTeam(“Private Eye”, Color(0,0,0,255), “models/player/gman_high.mdl”, [[You spy on people for money, you know just about everything in the city.]], {“weapon_glock2”}, “private”, 2, 60, 0, true)
TEAM_SWAT = AddExtraTeam(“SWAT”, Color(0, 0, 255, 180), “models/player/urban.mdl”, [[You are set in by the cops in hard cases!]], {“weapon_glock2”,“weapon_m42”,“door_ram”,“stunstick”,“unarrest_stick”,“arrest_stick”,“talk”},“swat”, 5, 150, 0, true)
TEAM_drug = AddExtraTeam(“Drug Dealer”, Color(0,153,0,255), “models/player/group03/male_07_bloody.mdl”, [[As a drug dealer, you sweep the streets dragging people in to alleysand moving your way to the richest boss in town selling drugs, You HIGHLY avoid the cops and make a secret hide out, your main man is the mob boss and you protect what youve got.]], {}, “drug”, 1, 45, 0)
TEAM_sniper = AddExtraTeam(“Swat Sniper”, Color(0,153,255,255), “models/player/combine_soldier.mdl”, [[Being the sniper for the police you stay on high rooftops tight areasand are used when a terriost attack or a High threat comes to town, Has A Sniper Rifle]], {“weapon_real_cs_scout”}, “sniper”, 1, 60, 0, true)
TEAM_Service = AddExtraTeam(“Secret Service Leader”, Color(255,0,0,255), “models/player/eli.mdl”, [[As the secret service leader, you work side by side with the mayor, you control your agents and your agents ONLY.]], {}, “service”, 1, 60, 0, true)
TEAM_agent = AddExtraTeam(“Agent”, Color(255,255,0,255), “models/player/guerilla.mdl”, [[As an Agent, you work for the secret service leader, you obey his every order and Protect the mayor against high threats.You have a fiveseven Pistol]], {“weapon_real_cs_five-seven”}, “agent”, 4, 50, 0, true)
TEAM_hoboleader = AddExtraTeam(“Hobo Community Leader”, Color(102,102,0,255), “models/player/classic.mdl”, [[You Help the Hobos come together to form one!You become the leader of the worthless hobos! Your job is to help and conquer the normal life!]], {}, “hoboleader”, 1, 5, 0, true)[/lua]
Try using this bit of code. Replace your custom teams at the bottom of shared.lua with the corrected code.

I found errors with your models, all except one or two were incorrect player models. I also found a function with a rouge comma. Make sure to double check your teams and make sure that they are all correct, or else you will run into several errors.


Or this: http://darkrp.megagamer.net/kit/index.php?i=classmaker

…Both works just fine…