"Okay, Comrades. Welcome to Kentucky." [Russian Airbornes are just landing to farm.]



What are they gonna farm? Gold?

No they’re goingto eat all cows so Uncle Sam runs out of steak and surrenders due to starvation.

Looks nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work on the camo. The picture itself is a bit too noisy, but overall it looks nice. Now all you need is an Il-76 to put in the background rather than a Herc :haw:

Like it. Nice quality. Is grass scene build?

well, someone has to port/make a Il76 or whatever plane to use

also nice pose ddok

Looks cool but i was expecting old time soldiers, not modern timed ones.

VERY awesome posing man!

They’re so gonna hate Kensucky :stuck_out_tongue: