Okay Facepunch, let's make a server.

Delete please

This can go bad in so many levels.

This is a dumb idea tbh…

The more I think about it the more I agree. However, I’m interested to see how it goes. If it fails miserably then no harm done. I get the feeling that no one will want to participate and this was a waste of time. But this could also go very well and be pretty cool.

Just give it a try! might be fun :slight_smile:

you will regret it more if you don’t try it than if you do try it and fail cos If try and to fail you learn from your mistakes and improve upon it if you succeed then that’s great but if u just don’t do anything your not going to learn at all…

Thats deep, serverwatch

ye but I’m not serverwatch XD LOL you are a true troll guy :stuck_out_tongue: so what Wi convince u that I’m not him?

i think you have a lot of convincing to do

about fp servers, I miss Noss’s super cereal server. i had alot of fun in there, it was really great

anyone remember back when we tried to make a hl2rp together?

god that was the world’s biggest shitshow

remember when facepunch tried to make a gamemode and it turned out to be 90% shitcode, backdoors and random scripts shoehorned in for no real reason other than shits and giggles

this would be an exact repeat of that

What did the orginal post say… Damn.
I can only guess it was same damn DarkRP clone.

I swear one day I will make a DarkRP server that gives everyone superadmin when they join… Imagine how many 10 year old will join.