Okay found the request forum, now here we go

Hi since i suck at making things in Gmod and some people are just all magical and stuff and can make things like that, i’d very much like it if someone would make me a blood splay/puff, one that just floats in the air, like a cluster of little red good looking things floating in the air to be posed, if you do please contact me at Tiggerrsmail@gmail.com and tell me where to download it from, thanks

So you want the blood puff effect for posing? Just use the emitter tool. It has the blood effect.

oh okay, i’ll try it , thanks


well yeah, this works i guess, i was kind of thinking about a prop tho…

Then why are in the LUA section?

Is it really that hard?

I’m guessing you find it hard actually, since even in the title you had to express how ecstatic you were when finding the request section despite it being a single click away from the Facepunch homepage.

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - mahalis))

sorry kid, this is like my third day on FP, needless to say i don’t know it very well.

you don’t need to know a forum well to choose the right forum. It’s like posting for help in the news section.

but that’s not a reason for him to be an ass towards you

no it isn’t, i don’t exactly think it’s worthy of ban tho…