" Okay guys Listen up! We will be leaving this place! "



Raging at the lens flare

easy to kill by snipers
whatever, your picture’s quality is changed. nice
but still i feel little dirty
nice posing

Me like.
It’s a little low quality though.


Nothing wrong with jpg

Nice, and the picture looks better than the previous ones, compression wise.

too long time for loading image
change your image host site for other
i like png!!

Nice posing…
Nice editing…

Then I saw a lens flare.

Lens Flare kills the pic.

Looks good man, well posed.

Don’t get why theres a stack of guns in the middle though :v:

The ingame bloom sux arse and the lens flare doesnt fit.
But posing,map and everything else is awesome.

but generic

could someone provides links to those models please

You could of Pm.

So instead of looking for them you bump?

I think this is very pretty

Jpeg quality. Eurgh.

Ze date