okay here is the trap my friend made

okay as i posted before me and my friend had a crazy idea of trapping stupid noobs in servers with sleathy traps. here is the one he made (screenshots are his)





he needs to work on makin it invisable (the tnt) but i think its pretty cool

r8 plz

that is very god tel him to work harder

ogm!!! this is rly good i only got gmod yesterday so what are them blue things???

Omg so cool gunz


Fucking over 9000 fps!!!

whoa thats pretty cool good find

nice gun XD


I lold for like 10 minutes.

aghahghahhhaa are you freals i lold

The sleathiest trap I done ever saw.

are you guys sure you know what mingebags are?

Just checkin :\


The holy hell?

What the hell is this?

… 10.000 fps?

100,000 fps :3

i didnt even know it could go that high its incredible

His computer runs Windows 95, 8 Mbs of Ramz0urz, and his video card is from the future…It sucks, add wire, and lose the hover-gaiz.

It’s impossible.

Source only buffers 300 frames per second and your monitor only displays 60.

:expressionless: I think he may be running like Dx 7

you know nothing about computers. Stop all the downloads.