Okay so i have a big problem with fps! (NEED HELP)

I bought a computer today Acer Aspire XC605 (600euro)
Here is some info about it:

Processor: Intel Core i5
Graphics card: GeForce GT 620

I dont know anything about computers so ask me if there is anything else you need to know about it…

Okay so here is the thing, i get 15-20 fps MAX when i play rust. I play on fastest, grass.on false, render.level 0.0 etc…
I’ve downloaded GeForce experience and installed the latest driver, still 15-20 fps.

Before i had this computer i used a lenovo laptop and i was running rust around 25-35 fps (bought it for 250 euro)

Dont tell me to build a computer cause i dont know anything about that and i dont know anyone who does either.
Just tell me what could be wrong or what maybe could fix it.

Sorry for my bad grammar english is not my native language.

Perhaps there is a place on your laptop/computer that allows you to control the amount of power it puts out. For example on my lenovo I have a energy management that allows me to keep it in balanced - high performance - to dynamic. I always get higher FPS on dynamic. Look around your computer and see if you have one of these.

Thank you i will try this right away :slight_smile:

this is speciall thread, you can get help here:

Make sure you are using the dedicated GPU when launching the game. I use ATI and don’t know much about Nvidia software but I am sure it can be done via the control panel for the GPU.

I understood like 40% of that, im sorry bro but can you explain more advanced im retarded

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Okay just tell me if it should run smoother then 15-20 fps with the specs i have


There should be a piece of software that is installed on your system for the GPU. Check for something installed by Nvidia and make sure you have it set to use the geforce card and not your intel hd graphics.

Hmm there are no programs on my computer from nvidia i tried to search for Nvidia but no results. All i have is geforce experience wich i installed manually

It might be that. Like I said, I am completely unfamiliar with Nvidia software. Looks for a place where you can change the profile or change which GPU the computer uses with that geforce experience.

Honestly? 620GT? thats a card for like watching HD videos, no chance of playing games on that rly, i am sorry mate but i doubt you can get over 20fps with that GPU…

Make sure your drivers are up to date. I know people always say that, but do it! Might help.

Everyone else i asked told me that i would be able to play games on medium and get around 35-40 fps?

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It’s already done…