Okay so I watched John Wick and it was super awesome


Quite brilliant gif usage actually. Never seen this done before in gmod’s history.

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By the way, the musical choice is just perfect.

I’m epileptic now.
Awesome btw

The pose is decent, not great, but close enough to the source material. The style of gunfighting John Wick uses in the movie is called Center Axis Relock (CAR), which aims to keep firearms close to the body.

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The elbows should be bent a bit more so the handgun is brought closer to the face/chest.

Glad you knew roughly what I was going for with the kung-fu shit in that. I also thought a bunch about Splinter Cell Conviction, same thing I think?

Yeah, both in conviction and blacklist everyone uses center axis relock.

I think it would look nicer with darker colors and no pink or yellow. And as said before his pose is off.
Here’s a nice reference

You need to work on your shoulder posing a bit more, his arms look a bit out of wack.

Those sights look like they’re really hard to look down when they’re that far off his line of sight…
Then again, he’s got a laser pointer.

loading that was fun