'Okay. So we all got the plan?' Soldier Talking to His, Team.




[http://filesmelt.com/dl/plr_pipeline00023.jpg](http://<a href=“http://filesmelt.com/dl/plr_pipeline00023.jpg” target="_blank">http://filesmelt.com/dl/plr_pipeline00023.jpg</a>)


-I know the left hand on the Medic-Spy is not posed, I forgot. Sorry.
-I harly did any editing except for patching up the soldier’s leg.(Clipping)
-The Engineer-Spy is oddly posed, because these models do not use the new PHYS thing.
-The pyro-Spy’s Thumb looks odd because the fingerposing was a little wonky with me.


-I would appreciate it if someone could possibly tell me wehre everyone is getting this gasmask model! I have good ideas!

-This is one of my favourite poses! :buddy:

Anyhoo, Enjoy or Don’t!
C&C :smile:

EDIT; What the fuck? img tags not working?

Media’d the pic.


I like the picture, even though there are some faults.

The soldier and his army of backstabbing spies :smiley:

i dont see how you can point out so many faults, i think its a real good picture!

Awesome idea, nice execution.

I lol’d to be honest.

Ha. I like this.

Thanks for the Comments everyone! I’m gonnabe making a lot more Comedy Related pictures i the days to come. So I hope you all will enjoy them :buddy:

/Public Pose Announcement

oh, lol

Haha thats a pretty good one.

Aww poor soldier, he’s gonna get back-stabbed.

It looked fun to do, have a Heart. :smiley:

Very good