Okay, so you're tired of these large groups. Do something about it!

Why don’t we start a movement to take down these large groups? Not because they’re unfair; it’s a part of the game that’s enjoyed by a lot of people. But because it’s fun when you bring down the Goliath of a server. So what I suggest are mercenary groups and/or applicants.

If you and your friends are up for it, why don’t we create threads or a Steam group dedicated to hiring/searching for these groups to come and take care of business? A lot of us have our favorite servers. On these servers are one or two large groups that dominate most of what goes on. How great would it be to “hire” these groups, equip them with weapons, kits, armor and take on those giants?

If you support the idea, post your interest here and we can all form a group or whatever we find necessary. Just hop from server to server, working for the people that request our manpower, leveling the playing field. That’s what we would do.

Now, if you’re a part of these large groups, don’t immediately look down on the idea. Wouldn’t you find more enjoyment and excitement knowing that another group of guys is preparing to take you on? Defending your compound or maybe getting the first strike in on them; far more fun than running around in radiation zones killing the loners.

Let’s do it guys. This game is what we make it. Let’s make it fun.

I don’t play on a very big server but there is still no shortage of hostile groups that want to take my stuff, competition certainly does not seem to be an issue. Could be useful on a server where one group dominates everything I suppose.