Ol' Sammy sneaking up on a frightened guard inside an abandoned prison in Northern Canada

compare edit to original.

I only flipped the head cause someone smelly said it looked weird on the other side, and JPEG compression was my fault. I kept resaving it over and over

You posted this 3 times.


Sexy model. The head looks weird from that side :stuck_out_tongue: jokes

great picture

The guard doesn’t really fit in with the setting although I like that model.

Good posing too

Nice Crysis port bean, sexy picture.

Triple thread combo 50 points!

Nice pose, but the guard looks a little out of place.

jpeg_quality 100 :eng101:

otherwise it’s very good.

Deja vu…

Really good. Sam’s hair looks a bit weird.

Let the other two threads just die, it’s annoying to see three with the same name.

Ross kemp nooooooooo!!!

I made a avatar. :3:

Also, I think when his head is turned to the right he looks a little… Homosexual…