OLD 1/16/14-Admin Abuse-[BR][RUST++] PvP/No Fall Damage/Longer Days/Half-Craft/Sleepers/Doorshare

Brand new modded server running on the latest [RUST++] platform! We have a freshly wiped server with an active community of 20 players so far! Come join the fun with active non abusive admins moderating the server to keep hackers off!

**-New Server-
-Fall damage disabled to prevent suicide hack-
-Active professional non-abuse admins- (2 Admins)
-Half Craft/Longer Days- To keep you going longer without the wait of crafting or night time
-Noob Friendly-

Feel free to join us at : net.connect**

Thank You,
Adversity Gaming~

you realize we’re just gonna IP ban you and block that IP from ever being posted here, right? If you just stuck with one thread you would’ve been free to advertise here lol. I hope this was worth it.

Too much QQ just let me be. I have one post you do realize that right?

[editline]19th January 2014[/editline]

You do realize I can change IPs right hope it was worth it >.>

I would avoid this server at all cost’s there is more then one admin here, let me explain.

The admins or a specific admin is abusing their powers, giving players ahead start on others and also giving players lots of free items and everything they can possibly want.

I had a house a admin named Envy or envey I cant remember the exact spelling teleported to my house, the next thing I know my boxes are full of research kits and almost every item in the game.

this server is not a good one.

-Active professional non-abuse admins- (2 Admins)

Total joke.

You’ve posted your server here 14 times across three accounts lol. Fun fact: nobody likes spammers. You didn’t even have to read inside our rules sticky, just the TITLE of it, to see what we wanted you to do:

if you just did that you could’ve continued to advertise your server here, well done.

When I got banned the first time I got banned for having and all caps title and they weren’t even all caps. There was no reason for having multiple threads.

help mods i want to report someone talking back to postal

pls help quick

Ok?? And now that you’re spamming us nonstop with threads about your server you’re permabanned on sight and not allowed to advertise here anymore lol. Learn some patience.

Postal is being a total douche since I got on these forums marking everything dumb. Like what the hell bro get off of my dick.

**Should I just IP change, Change My name to a Non-obvious name, and change server hostname that’s not a problem!

Yeah man it’s totally unfair I don’t let you spam the forums with threads about your shitty server, while using alt accounts to bump the threads.

If you don’t want to be rated dumb

Don’t be dumb.

Use your brain before posting on Facepunch. We have some standards, and you yahoos are exactly why. :v:

Those are real accounts by real people on the server

As if we won’t notice it’s you.

I’m not talking about the real accounts, I’m talking about your account ‘RivixTheGamer’


That is my brother LOL!

not our fault we need to get more people.

That’s my brother*

Yeah that explains why the birthday set on that account matches to the birthday on your other account. Or are you twins as well?

Psst, on Facepunch, if you are only going to reply with that, you can click on this icon (


) instead and save everyone the time of having to scroll past your waste of thread real estate.