Old alpha key

Okay I have an old alpha key but have no way to log on to exchange it to a Steam key any clue how I would go about getting this changed?

Lmao i was just wondering hte answer to that question myself

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Somoene helps us haha

old.playrust.com still has a login page I think

He doesnt have the login info just code

I’m not sure I understand, why doesn’t he just make a steam account then?

long story short buddy has 2 keys went to old page to switch ove rhte thing to steam but he said its not letting him add another key -_-

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said the logins registered to the key he is using and cant add another

I have an old rust alpha code. I had bought two back before they changed to steam codes and now I can’t get the other one changed over to a steam code because it seems that you can only change one code per email?

…I still don’t understand, he is trying to activate it twice on the same account? if so, you can’t do that.

What cp said lol

code should be in your email.

I have the code but I can’t make a second account to register the key to another email… The first email already has a key activated and I have a second key I need activated

Why did you bother buying another key if you were going to activate it yourself? That’s what I really don’t understand :v:

Well you can’t make a new account to activate it. So either way I just need it converted so I can give it to a friend I don’t know why the guy that gave it to me didn’t think ahead I didn’t ask lol.

I’ll take it :v: but seriously, if you have the code, just send it to your friend and tell them to input it, not sure why that is so difficult, the code comes along in the sent email, I bought a couple keys for friends.

I bet you will Jonny I bet you will hah. Thanks for responding hopefully Garry will look at the email I sent :dance:

Cp, Put a ticket in at http://support.facepunchstudios.com/new-ticket

Thanks Blue. My searching skills seem to be lacking tonight.

This hasnt happened to me, But hopefully the mods see. This is quite a big flaw in the system.

Use this Link:

Then login and click on Steam Key.

Thank you a ton Bytee