Old Alpha Tester (I did read the sticky)

I signed up for Rust when it had just become popular. I played it for a bit then decided I would return in the future because of the amount of exploiters and glitches. At the time I thought I would receive a key to the full game because that was what was being said at the time.
I returned this week only to find out that the Rust website that I was used to is now the old website. With this I also found out that due to my one month of inactivity my key was also gone.

I just wondered if there was ANY way I could get my key back. I would love to return to the game and I am dissappointed that I was not notified of this change seeing that the Rust team had my email when I signed up.
Is there anyway I could contact the Rust team also?

Thank you for your consideration and I would love to receive some sort of a response from the forum! :slight_smile:

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No you need to pay for it now. They made it clear if you didn’t help “test” there is no reason you should have a key. The free keys were for testers who actually tested the game.

I understand the logic, but I did test. The game became unplayable.

And exactly who are you to tell him he needs to pay for it? Let the devs answer that. You on the other hand, just keep quiet since it’s clearly not up to you, but rather up to the devs on this.

If you are unable to log into old.playrust then yeah your key was deactivated due to not playing that month they did a sweep inactive of accounts. The only way is to purchase the game at this point.

Ok, thanks for all the help! If a dev does read this I would love to talk still! :slight_smile: