old .bsp to new .bsp?

im making a map that deals with alot of blue shifts and opposing force’s maps. Ive already decompiled half life sources maps and put them in a vmf file. All I need now is Blue Shifts area. Any ideas?

What’s the problem? Is it somehow different format?

What are you trying to do?

I don’t understand.

If you can’t compile map from old HL1
This is what I did when I was compiling my first map to source.

I downloaded the old HL1 version of hammer editor with all those vbsp , vvis, vrad etc…
And then I just exported it as .map or .rmf or whatever that format was.
And in source engine I just had to re-texture everything because textures were gone.
Also in vtf edit you can convert wad to vtf.

HL:BS is a HL1 mod only. There is no Source version. You need a decompiler that can decompile (properly ><) Goldsource (HL1) maps.

Blue shift is a special version of the engine and cannot be decompiled through normal means. It is easier to run through with fraps on and recreate than work out how to decompile.

Dont Ever Decompile Maps. It break’s SO many things.