Old Classic Game Models WIP

Hey, i’ve been modeling a few Characters lately in CB Model Pro and figured i’d make a thread of my WIP

All of these models are custom made, and im new to modeling so don’t expect them to look like Masterpieces.

Some Complete Models i’ve completed can be found in these links:

If anyone wants to rig any of these models to Garry’s Mod, (In complete or in WIP section) just PM me and i’ll get the model to you,

Rocket Robot On Wheels:http://supersmashbrosgmod.deviantart.com/art/Rocket-Robot-On-Wheels-Model-Display-269077824?q=gallery%3Asupersmashbrosgmod%2F29563838&qo=2




Glover - from Glover 64

I need to really fix him up a bit.

Boogerman - from Boogerman: A Pick & Flick Adventure.

Boogerman is pretty much finished, but i may add a few more things to him.

Mr. Game & Watch - from Game & Watch

I plan to make a bunch of poses of him later on.

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Finished up Boogerman, gave him some rips in his elbows.


So Boogerman is ready for anyone whos willing to rig and ragdoll him to Garry’s Mod.

Also put Lala together real quick:
Lala from Lolo’s Adventure (NES)

Lala is also complete.

some of Mr. Game & Watch’s Items/Weapons.

-Trash Can (Empty)
-Number Sign (No Numbers)
-Bell (Unfinshed)

Jersey Devil Model WIP

Interesting, I support this.

Boogerman was cool, but I prefered Earthworm Jim!
Anyway, this topic rocks! Supporting!

I tried to make Earthworm Jim right after Boogerman, but i was unable to make his head shape, the way it hangs in the back, plus im not sure if i could make his Muscles yet, so im practicing on other characters right now.

More progress on Jersey Devil.

His mouth is a bit hard to make, i don’t remember how i made Boogerman’s mouth, and im not quite sure i can make it yet.

Superfrog Model

Having alittle trouble with his mouth aswell.

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Edited Boogerman alittle to make him have an open mouth.

Out of curiosity how many polys are these models so far?

Well the boogerman has over 779k polys :C

Holy Dooley! Now that is just way too much that Source engine can’t handle!

Well i don’t know what how much polys means, and i don’t know if 779k is big or small, i don’t know all about that stuff, i just make the models.

Isn’t DOG only about 50k polys?

Ah…well not to burst bubbles or anything but source as far as I know can compile meshes that are 20k or less anything higher and it has fits, i’ve heard that there is a way to compile things higher than that by apparently splitting the mesh into parts and compiling each section separately or something like that. But yeah 779k is way to high poly.

I guess i expected something like that though.

Maybe I’ll need to compile like
$model “Boogerman” “Head.smd”
$model “Boogerman” “Torso.smd”
other parts of qc ? :C

Not entirely sure since i’ve never worked with high poly models before in source that exceed 20k + apart from one but that was still only 35k. If it will help I could take your high poly meshes and try and recreate a lower poly mesh and keep it within certain poly counts, that’s if you want me to though.

So i kinda get the ‘LOW’ version of model and I going to create a textures for every element of model.
Update it still too polygon for Source 63k :C
P.S.Sorry for my bad English it’s because I’m from Russia :C

Gordo Model from Kirby

nice work man, keep it up :slight_smile: