Old CSS models

Would anyone happen to have these relics?



Hmm, I think there is a set on PHW. Hold

Sorry, its gone : (

I’m 90% sure that you have the first one, but I have never seen the terrorist floating around.
Try asking junk or andy.


Nah man, that’s not it. He wants the old leaked one, not the pre-update one.

I’m sorry about the bump, but i’ve found an (un-hexed :X) working download link for the old terrorist.

After several minutes of searching i found a crap skin of the old CT and I hexed both the T model from the above post and I hexed the CT model I found. Here’s the link. They’re both included. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=72182

I heard these have Micheal Jackson animations

can you change the skin of the ct?