Old Dogfight, did anyone get around to port it?

Well if there is ANY gamemode that deserve to be portet it should be this one.

I will see if i can find the files for it and then i will upload it here if anyone is intrested in having a look at it.

Oh god this UI is ugly, give me a link and I can work on it.
EDIT: Found the source and the database files, lets see what I can pull together.

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Looks like I have convert usmg…
What a pain in the ass.

You are the MAN! :smiley:

Pretty sure rbreslow did a couple months ago


No i think he was working on the Dogfight:arcade assault.

If any of you guys do manage to port it over, I’ll update the current Dogfight thread, just hit me up with a pm. Hass Mask Squad forever :smiley:

You can view the current progress here. If anyone wants to help go ahead.

The Dogfight thread has been updated with the Github link, and another gameplay video. Thank you kila58 for saving Dogfight :smiley:

Sweet now if anyone wants to help with this endless usermessage conversion please fork the project or whatever you do, as I am fairly new to github.

why convert umsg? Isn’t it possible to detour it or something?
or “remake” the old one so that you don’t have to spend so much time converting?

Usermessage has been replaced with net library, garry has dropped all support for usmg along with datastream.

I did a full conversion of Dogfight:* Arcade Assault*. I should get around to releasing that sometime.

So why not detour usmgs using the net library?

Is there any update on this yet kila58? =)

Yea sorry just have been mostly talking in the other thread linked above.