Old Espionage Wars Tbonian models

Because I really don’t have any use for the old models anymore, here are some of the older versions of my Espionage Wars Tbonians

Please excuse the filenames because they went through a lot of rigorous testing and I never gave them good filenames when uploading them.
Word of warning, there might be errors because I haven’t done anything with them for so long, I’ll do my best to sort them out but I can’t make any promises.



Extreme Credits
Fredrika- Doing a lot of the hacking, rigging, and helping out
Kali/FloaterTWO- Helping out and offering fixes for skins
NinjaNub- Doing a lot of the hacking, rigging, and helping out.
Cheesecurls- Providing a lot of camo materials and skinning.
Original Authors- For the assets used.

Downloads(I really hope these work because there’s a strong chance I won’t be able to fix them due to their age)-

http://www.mediafire.com/download/zujw12qaz5w5s1v/TPAAF_Jaguars.rar Added after remembering
http://www.mediafire.com/download/qdws8b0wy5dx8ps/Tbuttesnow.zip Added after remembering

This pack does not include the Tbonian 2015 or 2016 models.

This will probably sate some stalkers who wanted them at one point. Unless they’ve shifted their desires for the new ones and don’t care about these anymore.

They can shift their desires all they want, this is the best they’re getting for a good long while :v:

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Oh god I forgot about the big dumb vest guys, uploading them now

Tbonia has grown alot over the years.

They grow up so fast.

oh boy I can’t wait to see tons of poses with these guys in it pop up in my dA feed

>This pack does not include the Tbonian 2015 or 2016 models.

this guyyyyy


The Tbonian 2015/16/17/## pack will come out whenever I get absolutely done with posing, which will be quite a long long long time.


Actually, it falls into what Kali feels like doing with them since he made them. If I quit posing then he gets to do whatever he wants with them and decides their fate.

I just wait

I don’t understand, weren’t these the models you and the other Russian VK source guys wanted for the longest time? Why does it not please you that they are released now?

but in the VK no one waiting this. Only me.

whatever this models is cool

Some unique features on these guys, I like em
They were made ages ago but they still deserve praise, great job!