Old Fretta gamemodes fixed up

Since 2012, I’ve been running a community with my boyfriend, who broke up with me yesterday. My focus since January has been a Fretta Minigames server, which does not get the traffic it used to. I haven’t felt very motivated to work on it for a while now, due to lack of feedback/suggestions, but I thought I’d release them! I really enjoy making people happy, so hopefully you guys get some use out of this.

Just a few things:

  • All gamemodes should be without error, but there’s a possibility I left in stuff that was for my server and won’t work. Just post the issue and I’ll see what I can do.
  • Please DO NOT upload any of the Steam Workshop. I will do that in my own time.
  • If you want help/support/questions answered, I’d prefer it if you kept it to this thread
  • These are set up to work with Fretta13, which can be downloaded on NoxiousNet
  • This isn’t all of them, I’ll add more and some pictures later, but I haven’t eaten properly today and need to grab some food

Name: Duck Hunt
Download: https://github.com/NiandraL/Garry-s-Mod---Duck-Hunt-
This was a gamemode made by myself. Basically, one team are runners, while others are snipers, who must stop the other team from reaching the end of the map. When runners die, they are moved onto the sniper team. It comes with a few basic maps, which were made when I first started using Hammer. They’re all very basic, have no lighting and the default skybox. One day we’ll return to this!

Name: Laser Dance
This is a gamemode in which players are split into two teams and equipped with a Laser Gun. When you shoot, it’ll damage players and also knock you backwards, so be careful! I made two very simple maps for this gamemode called ld_tower and ld_risingwater, both of which are packed here.

Name: Crash N Smash
Download: https://github.com/NiandraL/Crash-N-Smash-Fretta-
A very fun gamemode. Players are placed into two teams. They are split into two sides of a map, with various wooden props scattered around their base area. The objective is simple, destroy the other team’s props. But there’s a wall in the way! You must pick up teammates with the Player Cannon and fire them into the enemy area, where they will go do their business. We had to remove this gamemode from our server since players were too fucking stupid to read the rules and play properly. Depending on who you play with, Crash N Smash is either extremely fun or very frustrating.

Name: Bomb Tag
Download: https://github.com/NiandraL/BombTag-Fretta-
Gamemode in which players are in a small arena. One is given a bomb, which is slowly ticking down. The game is basically hot potato; get the bomb and give it to someone else as soon as you can before it explodes on you. When players die, they’re turned into a suicide bomber and spawn up top, with grenades. These players will jump down and attempt to kill everyone else.

Name: One In The Chamber
Download: https://github.com/NiandraL/One-In-The-Chamber-Fretta-
Based off a Call of Duty gamemode, and has sound-effects to accompany it! Every player starts off with a knife and a gun, with only one bullet. Everything is an instant kill, and you gain another bullet for every kill. Wipe out the other team to win.

Name: Poltergeist
Download: https://github.com/NiandraL/Poltergeist-Fretta-
One team are humans, the other are props. Humans have a weapon and must survive the round, while props try to kill them. In the original version of this gamemode, there were two classes for props; one where pressing mouse 1 would launch the prop forward at high speeds, and the other was an explosion class, where your attack was a suicidal bomb. I changed this, so pressing m1 launches you forward and m2 makes you explode. Players should be able to still change prop via reload.

Deathmatch gamemode in which teams are armed with various ice-related weaponary. Instead of dying, players are frozen in place and require teammates to shoot them so they thaw and can play.

Name: Capture The Flag
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3xi259unm6qmtcz/AABoy8O3sm-3t0tWy3b2-FApa?dl=0
What you’d expect. Capture the enemy’s flag, while avoid having yours stolen. If you plan to edit the gamemode, make sure you reload the map as it can sometimes be very weird. I never fixed up the SWEPs though, and you’ll have to provide your own. In the original, player classes are used, but I changed this to every player receives a random primary and secondary on spawn. Let me know if you want the class fiel.

Name: Deathrun 2D
Download: https://github.com/NiandraL/Deathrun-2D-fretta-
A 2D version of Deathrun. No full maps were really done with this gamemode, at least that I could find. So I made one myself called dr2d_prison_break_v1, which I posted on WAYWO a while back. I’ve also included the vmf of that file if you want to learn from it or do stuff with it, I don’t mind.

Name: GarryWare
Download: https://github.com/invalidstatement/garryware
Gamemode made up of lots of little minigames. Players must do what the game tells them to.

Name: Evolve Commands for Fretta
Download: https://github.com/NiandraL/Evolve-Commands-for-Fretta
Contains four !commands for Evolve, including !addtime, !roundrestart, !roundsleft and !forcevote

I’ve found the older versions on the workshop a while ago. Thanks for fixing them up.

I know there’s a couple on the Workshop like Pedobear Escape and Suicide Barrels, so I didn’t bother including those, but if people want me to for the sake of consistency, I’ll throw them on Github later

Oh how I loved some of these gamemodes back in the day, Thxs for fixing them up Niandra!

Sorry to hear that niandra, but nice work on fixing the gamemodes up.

Thank’s a lot Niandra, really nice of you

Can’t wait to start running servers for these gamemodes :slight_smile: Nicely done! :smiley:

Thanks, we’re still friends and I hope we can get back together eventually. I’m sort of flipflopping between ‘I’m okay, I understand and respect his decision, he needs to do what’s best for him’ and then just crying a lot

Anyway, I had a PM and if people have fixed up gamemodes themselves, post or tell me and I’ll add them to the OP!

Quickly added:

If someone wants to turn those into ULX commands, that’d be great since I did try but I’m so unfamiliar with the format that I just didn’t get it :v:

I dunno if you want or mind this but if anyone wants the Duck Hunt Maps ease of access:

Here’s GarryWare for anyone who wants it.

I’ve never played garryware, What is it?

Nah, that’s perfectly fine. My friend made a Mario themed map for it, as well, if you wanna add that:

Thanks for the release Niandra, I loves these game does from your server :slight_smile:

This is a nice contribution, good job Niandra :slight_smile:

It’s basically a collection of mini-games. I don’t quite remember which ones, but there were quite a few.

Alright thanks, Excuse the images. I rushed to get these up so people could easily access them on the workshop.

Duckhunt Maps:

Crash n’ Smash Maps:

FreezeTag Maps:

BombTag Maps:

Poltergeist Maps:

2D Deathrun Maps:

GarryWare Map:

GarryWare Map Pack:

GarryWare Content Pack:

Does it require any specific maps?

There used be one or 2 garryware maps, minigames were already in the map itself.

I found the other map, Workshopped it.

Doesn’t work properly, packed with a bunch of errors and shits itself once it’s time to vote for a new game (Was also derived from fretta not fretta13)

I wonder if this version maybe works?

Probably not but I also found that version while searching for the maps